Darkness is Coming.


"Soul Fray" is a 2016 Independent Feature written and directed by Tim Goodell. It stars Kathryn Jacques, Ijon Stewart, Allison Axtell, Chris Faller, Tim Goodell, Katie Brunk, and JT Walker and features an original score by Leo Kirkpatrick. It is now available via cable OnDemand and internet OnDemand streaming services in North America and English-speaking Canada, with a pending international release date to follow.

By daylight, Lake Miraton is a charming vacation spot; swimming, hiking, old-fashioned living and the like. It is the perfect place to spend a golden summer's afternoon. But as the sun sets on the renters of cabin 206, they begin to notice that the night brings out something different in the lake. As a malevolent darkness rises up around them, five youths are suddenly forced into a battle for their own survival. Strangers become friends, while friends become enemies. Until the sun rises again, nobody will be safe. Can the five of them last that long?


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